My love for photography started when I was a young girl and asked my Mom for a camera for Christmas. I was the photographer for my high school yearbook and I developed all the photos in the darkroom myself. I spent years working in photo labs and dark rooms and then moved onto a business in Hollywood, CA. that rented equipment to professional photographers. I also spent some time as a photo assistant.

My life took a lot of different paths over the years. Some were very challenging. I got married, had three kids and over the years always had a camera but sometimes was just too busy raising my children to really have time for photography.

A few years ago I bought a new camera and with the support of my husband I quit my full time job to be a full time photographer. I started shooting CrossFit but with another photographer but he pretty much had the market on that. I always remember seeing birth photos many years ago and how amazing they were. So I found a local birth center only five minutes from my house and offered to photograph a couple births for free. I fell in love immediately!!! I also photographed two of the midwife's grandbabies being born soon after. I have been working very closely with that birth center ever since then. I have photographed many births and it is the most amazing experience ever. I still cry at every birth. I capture images that the family will cherish forever. I tell birth stories through my images. I also do maternity and newborns.

I pinch myself every day because I have the best job ever!!! I get to witness the gift of life and the tears of joy that it brings to the whole family.